RJ45 Jack with Integrated Magnetics


DELEC Magnetic Integrated Connector Module (ICM) products are integrated wire-wound components (magnetic core)in standard RJ45 jacks for Ethernet networking applications. The available ranging from 10/100BaseT to 10GBaseT to PoE(plus). The ICM product-line includes single port, vertical mount, USB-combo, single-row harmonic style and double-stack RJ45 connectors, many capable of transmitting up to 60 watts of power for PoE applications.


*  Port configurations ranging from 2 times1(2 ports) to 2 times 8 (16 ports).

*  Mechanical dimensions comply with IEC 61076-3-110.

*  Electrical performance as defined by IEC 60603-7-71 and IEEE802.3.

*  Operating Temperature:0 degree to 70 degrees Celsius, or as specified.


     Product Description

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